Workshops  & Summer camps

Learning by doing

We Believe in the benefit of working and playing with other People.

We develop special activities and crafts for kids aged 5-14.  


Music and drama


Recycling and sustainability

Coding and digital experiences

Our camps

 Week planning


 Packed lunches and snacks

 Weekly reports 

Corporate welfare

 Afterschool help 

 Trips and cultural activities

 Summer camps for employers families

 Transport and costumer care

Who is our staff?

We select People who love to work with kids and are qualifica to do it. Each one is trained to work in a healthy and joyful environment. 

Where do these activities take place?

We can provide courses and workshops wherever you want: at your place, in your company, or at the park.

We have many Partners such as sports center, farmhouses, hotels. 

What about insurance?

We are equipped in order make our job as safe as possible.

Roberto Talso - Rapanello Entertainment